Claire's Healing Stories
Thank-You, from the bottom of my heart, for your healing assistance last week! I have had such a complete sense of well-being and inner peace since my Reconnection. It is truly amazing how different I have been feeling. I am so grateful, because I really have felt ready to release a lot of old stuff, but until last week, I have been unable to do it on my own. Now I finally feel FREE, as I feel a complete shift on many different levels. It truly is a miracle! I send my gratitude and love to you, every day, for the Reconnective Healing work we didtogether! I feel completely transformed...

- A. M., South Kingston, RI

My thumb had not been set after a very bad break last year. Ever since, Ive been frustrated with the pain and lack of use, especially because I am interested in studying massage. During the Reconnective Healing session, I felt energy go into my thumb. This weekend I was able to do many hours of yard work because my thumb was great.

- K. P., Lincoln, RI.

My boyfriend David was admitted to the ICU on Friday, Feb. 10. He suffers from hepatitis, and then had gotten very sick with pneumonia. When I brought him to the hospital, he was septic, his blood pressure was 60 over nothing, so the staff got a crash cart. He was intubated, his fever stayed between 102-103 for 9 days, he was put on medication to raise his blood pressure, fight the infection, sedate him so that he wouldnt pull out his tubes... On Saturday morning, 2/18, his only response to my presence was a look that went from anger to fear. Then I got the idea to call Claire, whose session had healed me of so many things. She worked on him at 2 pm. As of Saturday evening, his temperature was 98.6. He has been taken off the blood pressure medication. The mucous in his lungs is clear instead of yellow and green, so they are going to start weaning him from the ventilator. His mood has improved, and he is responding to his company.

- E. M., Coventry, RI

" During the session, pain returned to the places where all the trouble started months ago. Then it would lift. This happened for several days, until everything lifted and left. The dizziness is gone, so Im able to drive again. The neuropathy in my leg is gone, so Ive applied for a job. My stomach feels fine now. It is so nice to be pain-free for the first time in so long. Six weeks after the session: My blood work has come back normal for the first time. My thyroid function is normal, my electrolytes are fine now. My emergency trips to the hospital because my kidneys were not making urine have stopped, and the tests show that my kidneys are functioning properly now.

- E. M. Coventry, RI

My feet feel free! The arthritis has left my toes. Also, my sinuses opened up for the first time in weeks.

- N. S., N. Kingstown, RI

I had been waking up so many times each night. Since the Reconnective Healing session, I am able to sleep well, and my anxiety is gone!

- S. H., Scituate, RI

I dont know about my elbow, but my cold sure feels better. Next day: The tennis elbow which has been bugging me for a year and a half is suddently gone! Weird!

- M. S., San Francisco, CA

I could feel a shift in my spinal column and less pain in my arms and neck. The antibiotics Im on were causing me such problems, so I could only take them every third day. Now, the panic attacks have stopped, and Im able to tolerate the antibiotics every day.

- L. M., Rever, PA

The sore throat Id had for two weeks disappeared. Later, I discovered that my high blood pressure had dropped to normal levels.

- N. G, Coventry, RI

Durng the session, I felt energy go through my injured knee, down my leg and out my foot. The sensation changed from throbbing and aching to tingling, and then my knee felt normal.

- C. B., Washington, DC

I am loathe to admit it, but my knee feels better.

- W. O. (skeptic) Providence, RI

Before the session, my spine was out of alignment. At the beginning of the session, I could feel my spine align, and my left leg shifted so that it was no longer shorter than the right. There was a sense of light all around me, and energy going from my stomach out my torso. (I have stomach problems.)

- D. O., Cranston, RI (accident survivor)

My friends have commented on my new openness and emotional availability, when Id always been quite guarded before. Also, I feel so much more organized.

- L. B., Newport, RI